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Up and coming changes (Maybe... Depending on Etsy)!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to write here and let everyone know that due to the some of the coming changes that Etsy has decided to announce that Krystal Dales Art & Photography may be leaving using them as a store platform as with the new changes to the bill payment system it may not be possible for me to offer my services and products there without being in constant debt because I am a small seller.

(This will only be happening if Etsy doesn't decide to listen to their Sellers and make the new changes an Opt-in. Anyway the next few months will tell.)

However, you will still be able to buy my artwork here on my website and at other shops listed on my website in the "Places to buy my work" section. We're not going out of business, just things might be changing.

Krystal Dales signing out!

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